Benefits of Selling Creative Products Program

Benefits-for-SellingYou create beautiful, functional or humorous products or designs. You sell them online through your own website, shared sites (like eBay, Etsy or Made It Myself), or Print-on-Demand sites (like Zazzle, Greeting Card Universe or RedBubble). That’s wonderful, but you want to have the best chance of actually selling those creative products.

That’s where SEO Personalized for Selling Creative Products helps. Preparing your product pages for search engine optimization is how you can get that best chance of sales.

The Selling Creative Products program not only teaches you the basics of SEO, but also helps you refine your own product pages to maximize those SEO strategies.

Learn about and apply to your own work SEO for:

  • product titles
  • product descriptions
  • categories, tags and labels
  • product images

Make your own product pages SEO friendly and potential buyer appealing.

SEO Personalized for Selling Creative Products uses personal coaching to assist you with your own work. Your personal coach will make suggestions and recommendations based on your particular products, your potential buyers and your online goals.

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