SEO Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching SessionsPersonal coaching is the backbone of the SEO Personalized programs. You will learn lots through any of the programs, but how to apply what you learn to your own online work is what the personal coaching does for you.

Your personal coach works with your own articles, posts, websites and product pages to help you learn to make SEO effective for you. It’s not general, it’s personal.

Personal Coaching Sessions

  • With both SEO Personalized for Website & Blog Writing and SEO Personalized for Selling Creative Products, you get personal coaching sessions. Each session is designed to build on previous ones to help you apply the information to your own work.
  • Coaching sessions are designed to help you get the most out of the programs so that you can continue on your own. You will learn how to optimize your own work in the future.
  • With both SEO Personalized for Website Evaluation and Advanced SEO programs are entirely personal coaching. These are structured to work directly with your needs and goals.

Your Personal Coach

Through out the programs you have one personal coach, one person who understands your particular needs. Your personal coach is experienced in SEO strategy and demonstrated her knowledge and skill. This skill is not just applying SEO strategy, but also helping you with suggestions and recommendations to improve your own online work.

You can be assured your personal coach will be able to provide you with the best assistance for your type of online work.

Specific Help for Your Particular Needs

Personal coaching is specific to you and your particular needs online. Whether it’s your website, your writing or your products, SEO Personalized programs work with you and what you want to achieve.

  • It’s not general,
  • It’s not vague,
  • It’s not examples that might not apply to you.

It is specific to you. Specific to what you are currently doing online and what you want to achieve.


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