SEO Personalized for Selling Creative Products

SEO-Creative-Program-PageSEO Personalized for Selling Creative Products is a program for those who sell their creations or designs on personal, shared or print-on-demand sites. Whether you sell through your own website or through shared sites like Etsy or eBay, or place your designs on products for sale through Zazzle, RedBubble even Greeting Card Universe, you want to make sure they have best chance of getting search traffic. Learn how SEO works and how to apply it to your own product information pages.

Program Summary

In 7 sessions, SEO Personalized for Selling Creative Products helps you understand how SEO works. Then through personal coaching sessions, you learn how to apply SEO to your own online product pages. There are a total of 5 personal coaching sessions that focus on each of the steps of SEO described in the program materials. These are designed to build on each other.

The program is affordable. No fancy or slick extras that you pay extra for. Instead you get personal coaching to help you get the most out the sessions. At $250 for the complete program, you not only get all the session materials sent to you via email, you also get the personal coaching to apply the SEO steps to your own online product pages.

SEO Personalized for Selling Creative Products Program Agenda

Session 1

The THE System
SEO In a Nutshell
Preparing for Personal Coaching Sessions

Session 2


  • Keywords – The Language of the Search Engines
  • How to Use Keywords Effectively

First Personal Coaching Session

Session 3

Product Titles & URLs

  • How the Search Engines Read Product Titles
  • Writing Product Titles

Second Personal Coaching Session

Session 4

Product Descriptions

  • Understanding Your Target Audience
  • Web Searcher Behavior
  • Writing Product Descriptions

Third Personal Coaching Session

Session 5

Product Categories & Tags or Labels

  • Product Categories
  • Product Tags or Labels

Fourth Personal Coaching Session

Session 6

Visually Appealing Pages & Pictures

  • The Elements of a Visually Appealing Product Page
  • How the Search Engines Read Pictures or Images

Fifth Personal Coaching Session

Session 7

Program Wrap-up: What do you do now and where do you go from here?

Get Started With SEO Personalized

If this program sounds right for you, get started now. For the affordable price of $250, you can learn how to apply the principles of SEO to your own product pages. The sooner you get started, the sooner you move toward more success.

Here’s what others have to say about this program:

“I was thrilled with what I learned from this program. It helped me focus my own creative works to get better traffic. Worth it and then some!”
— Barbara Cockrell

“The personal coaching helped me to navigate and understand  in a very easy and systematic way that is already making a difference in my online sales.”
— Sandra Hess

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