SEO Personalized for Website & Blog Writing

SEO-Writing-Program-PageSEO Personalized for Website and Blog Writing is an easy-to-understand training program to help you learn how to get your online writing found by the search engines. The program is designed for just about any level, those who are brand new to online writing, as well as those who have written plenty but still want to improve their SEO factors.

Program Summary

In 7 sessions, SEO Personalized for Website and Blog Writing will help you understand what SEO actually is and how to apply it to your own online writing. You get 5 personal coaching sessions, work at your own pace know what steps you need to take when you finish the program.

The program is designed to be affordable. No fancy or slick extras that cost extra. Instead, personal coaching to help you get the most out of this program. At $250 for the whole program, you not only get the information to help you learn what SEO is, but you also get the personal help to make SEO work for your own online writing.

SEO Personalized for Website and Blog Writing Program Agenda

Session 1
The THE System
SEO in a Nutshell
Preparing for Personal Coaching Sessions
Session 2


  • Keywords — The Language of the Search Engines
  • How to Use Keywords Effectively
First Personal Coaching Session
Session 3 
Titles, URLs and Subtitles
  • How the Search Engines Read Titles, URLs & Subtitles
  • Writing Titles That Work
Second Personal Coaching Session
Session 4
  • Understanding Target Audience
  • Web Searcher Behavior
  • Writing Introductions
Third Personal Coaching Session
Session 5
Article or Post Links
  • Understanding and Using Links
  • Anchor Text for links
Fourth Personal Coaching Session
Session 6
Visually Appealing Page & Pictures
  • The Elements of a Visually Appealing Page
  • How Search Engines Read Pictures or Images
Final Personal Coaching Session
Session 7
Program Wrap-Up: What do you do from here.

Get Started with SEO

If this program sounds right for you, get started now. For the affordable price of $250, you can learn how SEO works and how to apply it for your own website or blog writing. The sooner you get started, the sooner you move toward success.
Here’s what those who have taken this program had to say:
“I didn’t understand all this internet language about keywords and SEO and writing articles that my readers would find useful. Then I discovered a wonderful course called SEO Personalized for Websites & Blogs.”
— Pat Austin
“Thank you for the one on one help. The past couple of weeks have really made a difference for me.”
— Coletta Teske
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