SEO Personalized for Website Evaluation

Website-Evaluation-ProgramSEO Personalized for Website Evaluation is an intensive month-long program designed to review your website for best SEO strategy. It’s based on personal coaching with direct suggestions and recommendations for your own website.

The program is focused, intensive and month-long only. Once you sign up, within 24 hours your personal coach will request the link to your website and get started. From that point you have only one month.

Please be prepared by clearing your schedule of unnecessary activities. You will want to focus your time to make the improvements recommended by your personal coach.

The cost for the full program is $350.

Program Review

The program includes website analysis, with improvement recommendations for:

  • header and site title
  • navigation and menus
  • sidebars
  • footers
  • home page and content page layouts
  • categories, tags and labels
  • visual presentation

Each of these areas will be reviewed by your personal coach. He or she will then make suggestions and recommendations for improving your website SEO factors. Along with an explanation of why these changes are important.

Of course, it’s entirely up to you to make the changes, but we encourage to do so and resubmit these changes to your personal coach.

Limited Time Frame

SEO Personalized for Website Evaluation is an intensive program. You will have a full month to work with your personal coach. So we strongly encourage you to make the most of this time.

Once your payment is received, you take up one of a limited number of places. Your personal coach has set aside the time necessary to work with you, but only for that single month. He or she will ensure that all evaluation is sent to you within that limited time frame. It’s up to you to make the changes and resubmit within that same time frame.

Get Started

Improving your website for the best SEO strategy is a matter of your effort and our personal coaching. So get started quickly.

For the affordable cost of $350, you get your website evaluated and the necessary suggestions and recommendations to optimize it for search engines.

Once we receive your payment, within 24 hours your personal coach will email you to get started.

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