Testimonials from Our Clients

What follows are the full comments from our past clients. They are quoted here with permission. Although we may have used excerpts from some in one other pages of this site, here is the full testimonial from each.

“I was thrilled with what I learned from this program. It helped me focus my own creative works to get better traffic. Worth it and then some!”

~Barbara Cockrell, BBCockrell.com

“For over a year I have been wanting to begin a blog about my Etsy Crochet Shop, but had no idea how to begin. I wanted my blog to be something people would find helpful when looking for handmade crochet in the form of cute little plush animals and toys, but didn’t understand all this internet language about keywords and SEO and writing articles that my readers would find useful. Then I discovered a wonderful course called ‘SEO Personalized for Websites & Blogs’.

The best part of this online course was not only having each session simply explained in how to understand SEO and keywords while preparing titles and post introductions that work, but in having personal coaching sessions throughout the course. I was encouraged to submit different articles for each session and was given step-by-step critiques on how my articles would give my readers what they were searching for. Each session in this course builds on the previous session and I discovered through my personal coaching how my articles were improving with each one.

As I learned the basics of online writing, I also learned how to understand my readers and how the search engines look for and find my blog posts. This course gave me invaluable tools to use in launching my very first blog, and the personalized one-on-one coaching gave me the confidence I needed to begin. I’m delighted with my new-found knowledge about blogging. I’d definitely recommend this personalized SEO course for beginners like me who need a little help getting started with a blog or website.”

~ Pat Austin, Crochet, Crafts, Critters

“Thank you for the one-on-one help. The past couple of weeks have really made a difference for me.”

~ Coletta Teske, Professional Writing Assist

In any business venture, nothing is more valuable than expertise in the field. It can take years to learn the secrets of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) left on your own to search for the answers. Plus, searching and testing can consume valuable time.

The lessons alone that are offered here are well worth the cost, but SEO Personalized goes the extra mile with you by offering one-on-one coaching. You write the content and your personal coach helps you edit, finesse and refine your article with the best SEO techniques.

I can personally recommend SEO Personalized. I know from experience that it is the best service and coaching team available online today.

~ Cynthia Sylvester

“I have been in business for 8 years – designing and selling cards, both on my own website and online with Print-on-Demand companies. After the personal coaching with my SEO coach I have learned how to present myself online so that shoppers can find me more easily. There are so many tutorials, and people out there with so much conflicting  information, it was hard to decide how it applied to me, if at all. Susan’s class changed all of that. Her personal coaching helped me to navigate and understand  in a very easy and systematic way that is already making a difference in my online sales.

The information in each lesson is presented in a very simple, straightforward way so that I could understand it. Then, her personal coaching is what really sets it apart. She works with me each step of the way to make sure I can apply the information correctly. As the lessons progress, she continues to check and make sure I am doing all of the SEO work correctly. She relates her feedback not only to the current lesson, but everything I have done so far. I no longer have to guess if I am doing something correctly. She gives me the guidance to know I am doing it correctly. I have already had new sales on some older cards where I have fixed the SEO. Now, I feel like SEO is clear, precise to the point and effective! My time can be spent on creating products for sale, and less on the nagging SEO concerns. It comes more naturally now to me and takes much less time because I know just how to handle it. This works in how I present my products on my own website, my Print on Demand sites, and my marketing as well.”

~ Sandra Hess, Cards by Sandra Rose