What Does SEO Mean?

What Does SEO MeanYou see the term SEO all over the Internet, but what does SEO mean? It’s simple, really. SEO is just a name for understanding how to make your online content get found by the search engines.

What SEO Means

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. And great, what does that mean? Search engines are those companies like Google, Bing and Yahoo who give you a way to search the Internet for what you want.

Optimization is just a fancy term for helping those search engines get your own online stuff in front of those searching people.

Yep, search engine optimization is a big term, but it represents a big concept. The whole SEO thing is really pretty complicated. And it had to become that way over the years. But it doesn’t need to be hard to understand.

The Same Across the Internet

Optimizing for the best search engine results is the same no matter where you put online content. Whether it’s a website, a blog, a writing platform (like Hubpages or Infobarrel), or a product platform (like eBay, Etsy or Zazzle), the concept of SEO applies the same way.

You want to optimize your online content for the search engines. Even if you’re paying for advertising, you still want your content found online. Therefore, SEO is for everyone who currently does, or wants to do, online work.

SEO Changes Often

Frankly, SEO is a concept that changes. Actually improves. Those search engines need to keep refining how they decide what sites and articles to put at the top of people’s search requests.

They need to keep refining because of people who aren’t playing the SEO game with integrity. We call them “spammers.” They are constantly trying to find the quick and easy way to get more money through the Internet. And they do it through scams, schemes, even trickery.

SEO Personalized

At SEO Personalized, we always work with integrity. Not trickery, but honesty. We want to treat online searchers the way we want to be treated. It’s simply the golden rule. That’s the way we set up our site and that’s the way you will learn through our programs.


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